Accounts Receivable

Embrace Flexible Capital with Accounts Receivable Financing

Many business owners feel hesitant about applying for loans. It’s understandable to want to avoid debt if possible. Of course, you shouldn’t let fear control your business decisions, but you can still find flexible financing that makes you comfortable.

At Gateway Commercial Funding Group, we offer a range of funding programs, including debt-free financing options. Accounts receivable financing can help you get working capital ASAP without worrying about interest payments. Our accounts receivable financing program features:

  • Funding within 24 hours
  • No upper limits
  • No fixed payments
  • Free credit insurance on qualifying accounts

Can You Really Get Financing Without Taking on Debt?

Some business owners think the concept of funding without debt is too good to be true. The thing is, accounts receivable financing isn’t a loan at all. It’s a cash advance that uses your business assets. In a manner of speaking, you’re borrowing money from yourself!

By financing receivables — unpaid invoices — you get money more quickly than you normally would. This funding solution helps you get your hands on the value of your invoices as soon as possible instead of waiting 90 days or more.

Why Choose Accounts Receivable Financing?

This type of financing is an excellent fit for businesses that have working capital issues or tight cash flow. Having the ability to free up capital ASAP can improve your business operations, enabling you to purchase inventory or manage payroll smoothly. Contact Gateway Commercial Funding Group today to get started.