Purchase Order Financing

We Listen to Our Customers Every Time

We were listening to your needs, and now we are offering a flexible financing option that meets your goals: purchase order financing. Many business owners want financing that doesn’t add debts. PO financing is an amazing solution for this situation. It provides a way to expand your company’s sales without taking on any debt.

What Purchase Order Financing Is

Put simply, PO financing is a way to coordinate funding directly between your suppliers and customers. This bypasses most of the credit score requirements and revenue checks of traditional loans. The result is a faster and easier way to grow your business.

With traditional financing, you must apply for a loan, buy inventory, manage and store products, and ship the items to your clients. With purchase order financing, all you do is submit a valid purchase order to our team. We handle the rest, including sending payments to your suppliers and checking that your clients receive their complete orders.

Why PO Financing Is Helpful

Imagine being able to consistently fulfill customer orders without inventory issues. You never run out of products or need to issue backorders. This system can make your customers happy. Even better, it lets you take on new customers or open additional locations without needing to invest as much of your capital.

At Gateway Commercial Funding Group, we’re happy to explain the details right away. Contact us for more info.