Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Get the Line of Credit You Want Without Collateral

Financing can help your business expand in many ways, such as helping you get equipment. That’s not the only way to use business credit, though. Unsecured business lines of credit can also help you protect your company during difficult times. Take advantage of this popular financing method right away.

Why Business Lines of Credit Are Smart To Have

There are many advantages to lines of credit for your business. This type of flexible financing can be used for a variety of needs:

  • Ready to use: Unlike a loan, your line of credit is ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you have an emergency need for capital, you have the funds necessary to cover it.
  • Comfortable: Lines of credit have better terms than credit cards. You can save money when purchasing inventory or investing in other items.
  • Simple to apply for: The application process for unsecured business lines of credit is relatively straightforward. You don’t need a perfect credit rating to qualify. Your business’s revenue is generally the main factor we consider.

How Unsecured Business Lines of Credit Work

Unsecured business lines of credit from Gateway Commercial Funding Group include:

  • Lines of credit up to $50,000 for new businesses
  • Lines of credit up to $500,000 for existing businesses
  • 0% introductory rates
  • 1% to 5% over prime for large lines of credit
  • No collateral required
  • No subprime loans

Once you’re approved for a line of credit, you can use it to cover payroll, purchase technology, pay suppliers and protect your company in other ways. Contact our team at Gateway Commercial Funding Group right away to learn more.